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Rosary Taoism and the history of Buddhism

   The record of Taoism with rosary was first from the "Orthodox Taoist Temple", the sacred sect of the sect of the sect of the sect of the sect of the sacred sect of the sacred sacred sacred sacred sacred sacred sacred sacred sacred sacred sacred sacred sacred sacred Chang Nian Yudi is 10,000 times.
   Bai Yuxi's ancestor "Tao Xue Zi Wen Wen" is also recorded. Ge Zu used the words of the rosary.
   "Daofa Huiyuan" Volume 177 also has a record: "Where the gods are sacred, they should be the first to refine their qi, and they will live in the same way as the gods. They will sit on the side of the face and use the handcuffs to sneak their shoes. Rosary, every bit of interest, every person usually goes in and out, gradually add, not to spend a lot of effort, fear of inconvenience.
   Ge Zusheng was born on the 8th of August of the 7th year of Han Yan. The characters of the Eastern Han Dynasty, the Three Kingdoms, the Sun Quan era.
   Gezu created the Taoist killing ghost to turn the ghost into a super ghost, and established the compassionate method of the common life of the spirits such as Lingbao refining. Later generations are all over the ghosts of Gezu.
   Therefore, the method of using the rosary to read the celestial sacred name is advocated by Ge Zu, and later generations did not carry him up, but later generations only know that Buddhism has this method, using the rosary to read the celestial sacred name, when the sacred method is to be traced to the source. .
   There are four Sanskrit primitives in the Rosary, translated into Chinese meaning: number beads, beads, chanting, beads
   Lines, Indians have been riddled with shackles since ancient times, and later became the use of rosary.
   However, Buddhism did not use rosary at first. The earliest records were about the second century. In China, in the Sui and Tang Dynasties (about 600 AD), there were records of the use of rosary beads and the carving of Buddha images. The rosary is not created by Buddhism. The instruments made in the Buddha era are not recorded in the rosary, and are not included in the "Beiqi 18 Things".
   The Buddhist scriptures are mostly from the classics of the later period, but the classics of the law are not recorded. Therefore, the Buddhists of the Southern Buddhism in accordance with the law are less likely to hold the beads, but in the secret religion, the beads are highly valued.
   The classics mentioned in the introduction of Chinese rosary include: "Wooden [Wooden] Sutra", "School of Jujube Demon", "King Kong Ding Yoga Rosary", etc. The main content is to tell the merits of holding the three treasures of the Pearl. In a nutshell, the rosary can make the Buddha disciples introspect, and the sorghum can increase the ceremonies when wearing the beads. However, this record was only at the earliest in the Sui and Tang Dynasties, and it was somewhat conflicting and different from the laws of Nan Buddhism.
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