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What is the earliest button in China?

  In China, the button can be traced back to 1800 years ago. The original buttons were mainly stone buttons, wooden buttons and shell buttons. Later, they were developed with buttons and button buttons made of cloth. The button-locking button has played a big role in the development history of our clothing, from the initial clothing function fasteners to the clothing decoration. The Chinese-style buckle is a button form of traditional Chinese clothing. It is a fancy button that is sewed into various strips and woven into various shapes. The Chinese-style disc buckle is beautiful in shape and exquisite in workmanship. It is like a variety of crafts. It can be said that it is unique in the Chinese garden. Chinese disc deduction has the same use value as other buttons, and is more used to decorate and beautify clothing, especially in national costumes, which further reflects the beauty of its clothing. The most impressive thing is the "Tang suit". Button.
   In the history of the development of Chinese clothing, the appearance of buttons is very early. In the Tang Dynasty, the button was widely used in the round robe. Generally, three pairs were used, which was the later use of the clothing. After the Tang Dynasty, the shape of the buttons was more. The women in the Ming Dynasty mainly used metal buttons. After the Qing Dynasty, the buttons became the most important ties in the clothes.
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