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Hundreds of coconuts bring you to know the coconut shell button

  The coconut shell is the inner end of the palm family coconut. The coconut shell contains 0.61% ash, 36.51% lignin, 53.06% cellulose, and 29.27% ​​pentosan (total). It can cure the cold wind, cold and heat. See the coconut skin for details of plant morphology. In the coconut shell, engrave some patterns and words, and even make doll heads, folk art of various bird rain.
   Coconut shells can also be made into coconut carving crafts, coconut shell ornaments, coconut shell buttons, coconut shell accessories, and coconut shell abstract collages. The coconut shell is also a raw material for coconut shell activated carbon, which can be used as a cup, and is a very good fuel. The charcoal made from coconut shell is very good charcoal, and the coconut shell is very hard, so it can be used to make buttons.
   The coconut shell button is a very small category in the button category and is the leading product of the company;
   It is made of natural coconut shell for processing, sorting, machine or manual processing, polishing, waxing and other processes. Due to the natural environmental protection of the coconut shell itself, the coconut shell button is well received by the market.
   The main use of coconut shell buttons is most commonly used in the use of children, jewelry, etc., coconut shell processing into coconut shell beads also have a very wide application market.
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