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Muslim prayer beads product knowledge

  1. What is a Muslim prayer beads
   Muslim prayer beads. English name is Tasbih is muslims pray in church people usually used to count a tool, similar to buddhist prayer, basically all religions have a different from other religious prayer beads.The Muslim prayer beads usually only 33 and 99 of the two styles.
   2.Muslim Kuka tasbih : names: kuka;Also known as: Kuka wood,kuka fruit
   Properties: palmae.Origin: Turkey and Egypt. USES: used Islam Muslim prayer beads.Cook (Kuka), Arabic translation, means "light tree seeds".
   kuka fruit, small density, high hardness.Is one of the Muslim countries make great bead coconut fruit.Cook as beads in Muslim countries, passing on hundreds of years of history, is the only royal family and nobles are eligible to use a kind of expensive material.Material is hard and feel comfortable and warm, cook was playing wear color very quickly.Wooden protoplasmic tonal collocation easily.
   kuka in Muslim countries belong to the scarce resources, logging and destroy the kuka don't allow anyone to fruit trees.Most of them make it beads supply royal and noble, few part of the circulation of the mosque and believers.Because most nuclear is hollow from inside the hollow core choose solid.Processed again.Regardless of is from raw material imports to screening is very arduous.So it is the humble beads has the connotation is very low-key costly.
   kuka's beautiful story: why Muslim bead with a kuka, because he is "shine tree seeds".Legend saint with jews escape got lost on the way, talking to god for guidance.The way ordinary people can't hear the content of the dialogue, can cook, heard of it, began to glow, help saint guide everyone out of the woods.It is Allah attunements fruit, fruit is a labyrinth.
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