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Gift development

  Gift giving is an emotional investment. It can shorten the emotional distance between people, facilitate people's communication and communication, reach consensus, and create good business opportunities. The rituals are the same rituals in the past and the present. With the development of the times, gifts are given more factors than emotions.
   Since ancient times, China has been a big gift producing country and a big consumer country. Since the reform and opening up, “Made in China” gifts have begun to be mass-killed into the international market. Since the reform and opening up, thanks to China's low labor costs, China's gift industry has also taken on the task of producing gifts for the world. According to statistics, 70-80% of gifts from major foreign consumer countries are from China.
   According to the statistics of "2013-2017 China Gift Industry Market Prospects and Investment Opportunity Analysis Report", in 2010, mainland gift sales increased to 950 billion yuan, a significant increase from 2009's 890 billion yuan.
   In the overall industry-oriented background, in 2010, the income of domestic gift companies increased across the board. The average sales of large companies with sales exceeding 15 million yuan increased by 4% compared with 2009, and the sales of small companies also increased. The trend, the annual sales average increased by 6%.
   In addition, with the development of e-commerce, online sales of the gift industry in China have also grown rapidly. The data shows that in 2010, the online sales of gift companies totaled 55.2 billion yuan, of which 6% came from online sales, which was generally higher than that in 2009.
   custom made
   Gift customization is to choose the gift template you need, then choose the gift material, and set a certain pattern and text, and turn the personalized idea into a unique gift making method! Also known as gift DIY, DIY is the abbreviation of do it yourself, which means that users can print their favorite patterns on customizable gifts (such as: pillows, T-shirts, mouse pads, gift books, crystals, etc.) Text. Users only need to select gifts and upload their own photos or add text, and confirm the order. At present, some websites can make user-designed gift renderings into personalized products, and deliver them to designated locations according to user requirements. New online shopping activities.
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