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Wood bead processing method

  First, the center point is determined by blanking. This time, the beads of 2.0 are made, and the size of the blank is about 22×22×21 mm. To leave a little margin, if you don't make it, it will not be enough. Because there will be a slight deviation in the punching, there will be loss when it is smashed, and there will be loss in grinding. So it is a little bit bigger.
   The next step is to punch holes. The punching seems to be simple, but it will be scrapped if you accidentally. Because the material is oily when drilling, the drill bit is small and flexible, it is easy to slant, and the drill will also have such problems. . So try to drill as much as you can, and drill a bit to find out. Always clean the sticky wood chips on the drill bit.
   After drilling the hole, you can smash it. Let's take a look at it first. Use a very thick knives to remove the excess and pay attention to the remaining amount.
   This part is very important, the picture is a bit less. First, the drill bit for punching is clamped on the vise, paying attention to the verticality. Then insert the beads of the rough blank, rotate the beads by hand, and trim the waist of the beads with a fine point file. Using the drill bit as the center of the circle, the file is used as a reference to draw a circle.
   The purpose of this step:
   1. Determine the roundness of the beads.
   2. Determine the diameter of the beads.
   3. To ensure the concentricity of the beads.
   The next step is to determine the height of the beads, which is similar to the previous step. Just relying on experience and eyesight when doing the bead arc, then test the patience.
   It should be noted that the file is thick and thin, and the size is often measured with a caliper. Do more after the measurement.
   After finishing all the beads, it is polished. If you look at the picture, you will understand that the reason is simple. The sandpaper is thick and thin.
   The next step is to use a hanging mill to polish, so that the grinding is faster, but there is a drawback, that is, when the sandpaper is sanded and the wood grain is not a direction. After grinding to 1000 mesh, it is then polished by hand along the direction of the wood grain. After rubbing it with cotton cloth, you can get a lustrous natural, fine and bright bead.
   By the way, with the conical grinding head, manually rotate the corners of the holes, so that it is not easy to wear after wearing the rope.
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