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Fruit button related knowledge

  Related crafts
   The ivory fruit is rough and white as ivory, meaning that through the practice to achieve the true state of harmony, the Hindus often used to make Buddha statues. Using ivory nuts as handpieces or decorative ornaments is a very elegant choice. It can be hand-carved into art collections such as ornaments, buttons, chess pieces, reeds of musical instruments, wine stoppers, and seals.
   Related button introduction
   In addition to ivory fruit, the button material derived from trees is: coconut shell, eucalyptus, oak, eucalyptus, bamboo, beech, boxwood, cedar, driftwood, ebony, maple, olive wood, rosewood , zebra wood and so on.
   Coconut shell: It needs a lot of sanding, but after removing the hard skin, you can get a fine cream spotted button embryo, which is natural and beautiful, and easy to process into various shapes and even engraving.
   Elm: Features - Hard, the best trees in North America, are used to make baseball bats.
   Oak: Because it is 100-900 years old, it is strong, hard, durable, and fine, and it is drought-proof and moisture-proof.
   Bamboo: After drying, bamboo is harder than oak, often burnt to dark brown, painted or burned with hot tools.
   Boxwood: fine wood with a smooth texture.
   Beech wood: hard wood.
   Rosewood: dark brown or purple-brown, with many stripes and black resin stripes.
   Ebony: The heart of the tree is natural black jade.
   Different styles of design can be used with buttons of different environmentally friendly materials.
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