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Overview of fruit buttons

  Fruit buttons, raw materials derived from the fruits of palm trees in the African continent, the fruit is hard, because the texture of the color such as ivory, also known as ivory fruit, the quality is good. The fruit button is called the plant imitation ivory buckle in the button industry. Because the South American-made nuts are cut, the color and texture of the cuts are similar to those of ivory. This button has a good gloss after proper polishing. Due to the elegant texture of the fruit button and the resource relationship, the button has a higher grade than the ordinary wood button, but the price is also higher. The main billet is produced in Ecuador, South America, and is made from the shell as the base billet. The manufacture of the nut buckle is completely different from the traditional resin buckle. In the manufacturing process, there are high requirements for polishing and coloring. It is characterized by hard texture, good texture, and resistance to ironing. It can be processed by laser engraving. It is the first choice for domestic high-end men's wear, but its price is high, hygroscopic, and plum rain. The season is prone to mildew, and it will deteriorate to varying degrees over time, making it the most difficult material to guarantee in the clothing accessories.
  Raw material
  Ivory fruit (COROZO
  NUT is a fruit of the TAGUA coconut tree that grows mainly near the equator in South America. The tree grows very slowly. It takes about 15 years to produce fibrous fruit. It takes three to eight years for the fruit to fully mature. When the fruit is fully ripe and falls to the ground, it is harvested by the local people. After drying in the tropical sun for about 3-4 months, the gelatin of the fruit will mature and become a white hard substance similar to ivory. The fully dried COROZO NUT can be used to replace real ivory products, so local residents call it VORY NUT. After the fruit is dried, the hard shell is peeled off by a machine, sorted according to size and quality, and then processed into a fine industrial product or carved into a desired appearance.
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