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How to choose the buttons on the clothes?

  In the face of a variety of buttons, the first choice depends on the texture and color of the fabric. Adult clothes can be used in the same color as the fabric, and children's clothes can be brightly colored and vivid. Winter clothing should be larger and darker, while summer clothing should be smaller and lighter. When washing cotton fabrics, it is usually immersed in boiling water. Try to use high temperature resistance such as electric jade and bakelite.
  When you use a plexiglass button, be sure to avoid rubbing it with hard, rough or sharp objects, because the button has a low surface hardness and is easy to rub and scratch. Once the hair is rubbed, you can squeeze the toothpaste on the area where the hair is rubbed, and then wipe it with a flannel to restore the light. The plexiglass button is easily deformed or even melted at high temperatures, so it cannot be soaked in boiling water. When ironing clothes, beware of the iron coming into contact with it. In addition, it is not suitable to contact an organic solvent such as acetone because it is not resistant to such an organic solvent.
  If you choose the electroplated plastic button, you should first check whether there are corners or non-smooth protrusions at the threading hole. It is easy to break the button. This is the main reason why the plated button is particularly easy to fall from the clothes. Therefore, it is best to use a small knife tip to scrape the threaded hole before the button is nailed, but be careful not to scratch the coating.
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