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What is wood buttons

  Wood buttons and bamboo buttons are buttons made of plant stems. In the international market, the number of such buttons is quite large. Especially in recent years, as people pursue the greening of environmental quality, the demand for such plant buttons has increased, and the consumption of developed countries such as Europe, America and Japan has gradually increased. The product structure is dominated by wood buttons. The motivation for people to choose wood buttons is first of all due to the annoyance of long-term use of synthetic plastics. Many people think that "natural" materials must be non-toxic and beneficial to human health, and wood buttons are catering to people's psychology.
The wood button has a natural wood texture, which is very simple and natural, and its rough appearance contrasts sharply with the high gloss of plastic buttons. Therefore, these buttons are compatible with linen fabrics or plain casual wear, and at the same time can satisfy some people's unconventional and unconventional aesthetic habits. The main component of the wood button is lignin, which is highly resistant to organic solvents. It is a durable dry cleaning agent that can be dry cleaned with clothing. The fatal flaw of the wood button is its water absorption. Because wood fiber has strong water absorption, it will absorb water and swell quickly when it is wet or when it is put into water. When it is dried again, it may crack, deform, or become rough, and it is easy to hook clothes. fiber. In order to overcome the shortcomings of wood buttons, attention should be paid to selecting wood or parts with dense wood, long growing period and old age. After the button is polished, the surface is treated with a high quality varnish to seal off any water absorbing pores. The button thus treated can avoid the problem of easy water absorption.
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